Helpful Videos

Listed here are videos that may be helpful for sharing with others to explain Selective Mutism  A fabulous video on SM that shows two children, one who has overcome her difficulties. Also features Alison Wintgens (co-author of The Selective Mutism Resource Manual) discussing symptoms and phobias. A take out from episode 1 of the My Child Won't Speak UK documentary. This episode features Maggie Johnson (co-author of The Selective Mutism Resource Manual) discussing the anxiety and lack of choice behind not speaking in conjunction with the rules a child creates with speaking habits and how scary talking can be for them. It also features the perspective of the grandparents of a child with SM and thus can be a great one to share with the family. This US video explains the perpetuating cycle of SM and some intial strategies for how to break this whilst beginnign a small steps programme. The first in a series of videos from the wesbite Confident Children. It features a discussion on 'what is selective mutism', discusses the fight or flight response and the need for reducing pressure to speak before working on a programme to address speaking anxiety.


If any of the links cease to work please contact us for support.


You can also head over to the Facebook page Selective Mutism WA for more frequent updates on videos and resources.





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