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This section aims to provide you with information, resources and tools to help you combat SM with some helpful summaries to describe the resources i have used. All resources with weblinks should be free to download - please                                     if you find that weblinks are no longer available or working and i will try my best to direct you to get to the resources.


I have found these resources over the years that i have been working with SM. They are resources that i use readily within my practice or new ones i've found that i think are worth a go. There are tons of valuable resources out there from a range of well established professionals regularly working with clients with SM. My main aim here was to avoid "re-creating the wheel" and to provide an easy to navigate list of resources for parents and professionals in one place. I hope you find these resources as useful as i have.


Below are links to the home pages of the main website/organisation that resource links have been collated from and some addtional links. Many of these organisations are Not for Profit or charities and do an excellent job - the results literally speak for themselves. As such i also highly recommend a range of purchases from these websites. I aim to provide summaries of some of the resources i have purchased myself as i develop the website.

The Selective Mutism Information and Research Association - SMIRA - home page - links here to valuable purchases for DVD's, books and information packs that will be reviewed here.!/groups/SMIRASelectiveMutism/ - facebook page. Join this closed group for access to the forum and files including a wide range of documents not available on the website. - link to a range of freely downloadable resources that will be referenced on this site.
The SMart Centre - Dr Shipon Blum
Operated and directed by Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum who has developed the evidenced-base treatment S~CAT®. - home page - links here to valuable purchases for DVD's, books and special offer bundles that will be reviewed here.!/selectivemutism.ctr?fref=ts - facebook group. Join the group for forum discussions and frequent access to interesting articles. - link to free downloads sections with resources that will be referenced on this site.


The Selective Mutism Group - home page. This not for profit organisation aims to provide links to networks to support families experiencing SM. - links here to valuable purchases for books, information packs and expert chat sessions.!/pages/The-Selective-Mutism-Group/52957999577 - facebook page. Like the page for access to frequent articles in the news and forum discussions.


The Selective Mutism Network - This Not For Profit organisation was set up by a mother of two children with SM and aims to raise awareness and educate others on SM. It has a number of useful pages including topics such as: SM Stories; Video’s; Events; Resources; Information about 504/IEP Plans; SM Products; Treating Professionals; Support Groups; State Coordinators; Fundraiser information and becoming a member.


Talk 4 Meaning - home page. This website is run by Michael Jones, an educational trainer and author based in Europe, with a background in Speech and Language Therapy and teaching. There are a number of handouts, articles, videos and trainings available on this website.


Michael Jones' book "Supporting Quiet Children" co-written with Maggie Johnson can be purchased at this link from Lawrence Educational.  It focuses on practical approaches to support reluctant talkers to become confident talkers.


The Child Mind Institute

This section of the Child Mind Institute gives information, advice and support, free online workshops, ask the expert events online, research, treament and more. This organisation are the developers of the popular Brave Buddies programme for SM in America.


Order forms for some of the resources listed above can be found here.



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