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Key Factors to Consider First

The questions below may be helpful in identifying what further information/supports you require before embarking on a treatment programme for SM. Answers/support for these questions can be found on this website.



  • Does your child demonstrate any/all of the criteria for diagnosis listed in the "What is SM" page?

  • Is your child aware of their speaking anxiety?

  • Does your child have any co-occuring difficulties e.g. language delay/disorder, social communication difficulties, developmental delay?

  • Has your child had intervention for speech anxiety before? How did this go - what went well/what didnt go well?



  • What supports do you have for: increasing knowledge around SM; managing behaviours/difficulties associated with SM; emotional/social supports?

  • Do you feel confident to speak out for your child or do you need more information to help you convince others of the reasons behind their behaviour and their needs?

  • How do you communicate with your child about their behaviour and speaking anxiety?



  • What information do you need to support staff and students to understand SM?

  • What supports/strategies are currently in place to manage behaviour, curriculum engagement and social interaction?

  • Does the child have an individual education plan (IEP) in place to list the supports above?

  • Is there a consistent teacher/support aide that the child could build a relationship with to support an intervention programme?



  • Who is involved at present - do you have access to a: GP, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, psychologist, school support agency?

  • What experience do the professionals involved have with SM, what is their understanding of the condition?

  • What supports are available and how long are these available for?

  • What resources can these professionals provide access to?

  • What assessment do they plan to do and how will this be communicated with you and school?

  • Will there be supports available for both speaking and wider anxieties?


These questions may help to outline what additonal information is required, which tasks will be completed by who and in what order; addtional supports required and help to make informed decisions around what can be completed by the child and family and what will need to/can be covered by other agencies.



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