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The SMWA Handout Pack

This 10 handout pack provides the key ingredients for getting started with a programme targeting speech confidence skills. Each handout is a resource within itself and can be shared with teaching staff, therapists and family members alike to give them easily digestible information on the key strategies that your child needs.


The handouts include:

  • Selective Mutism summary and Do's and Don'ts

  • General Guidelines for Sliding-in (Johnson and Wintgins, 2016)

  • Goal hierarchy examples for informal and formal Sliding-in (Johnson and Wintgins, 2016)

  • Selective Mutism Therapy Games

  • Reward Ladder and Ideas

  • Talking to a child about their speech anxiety

  • Transition Planning

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The Selective Mutism Resource Manual


My Friend Daniel Doesnt Talk


Can I Tell You About Selective Mutism


Supporting Quiet Children


Activ Library

The Activ Library have a wide range of books on communication, sensory and learning needs. They also have a range of books specific to Selective Mutism that come highly reccomended. To loan books from the Activ Library get in touch at the link below and browse their Library Catalogue. 






Handout 2


Handout 3


Handout 4